UAE Free Zone Licenses

Types of License from UAE Free Zones

Free Zone Establishment (FZE) is a single share holder limited liability company which can be incorporated in all UAE Free Zone. However Free Zone Company (FZC) will be a similar incorporation with multiple shareholding (maximum 5 shareholders).

When a company is approved for the Free Trade Zone, it is given one of the following licenses by the Free Zone Authority. These licenses can be renewed annually as long as the lease agreement is in force. Companies with Trade or Industrial licenses can only conduct business within the Free Zone or abroad. To sell their products in the UAE, they should use an UAE official agent. But services and products can be obtained from and within the UAE without one

Trade License

Companies which are legally incorporated outside the UAE in imports and exports are permitted a Trade license. Ownership can remain 100% foreign and no license is required from the Economic Department.

Industrial License

Companies that are legally incorporated in industrial production outside the UAE and are within the Free Trade Zone can be given an Industrial license. Ownership can be 100% foreign and no Economic Department License is required.

Service License

Companies holding a valid license from the respective government body in the UAE can offer banking, contracting services etc. but have to abide by any requirements of the governing body.

National Industrial License

Industrial manufacturers granted this license are accorded the same status as a local or GCC company in the UAE.

These licences can be renewed annually as long as a lease agreement is in force with the Free Trade Zone.

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